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  Ninja, a six-year old girl attending first-grade, looks out the window of her bedroom and sees a steady drizzle in the grey darkness of early morning.
  She puts on her rain-hat, gently presses the hat's ear phones into her ears and then cups her hand to her ears - she hears the sound of rain she had recorded from the last time it rained.
  Her mom comes in the room holding Ninja's red rain jacket and two different collars - one in a yellow canary colour and one with a red flannel pattern. "Ninja which collar would you like to wear with your jacket today?" Ninja points to the yellow collar, "This one." Her mom puts the red collar aside and hands Ninja the yellow collar along with the raincoat. Ninja buttons the yellow collar onto her raincoat making sure to snap in the gold sound connector to the connector on the raincoat.
  Ninja, remembering the last time she didn't properly wind-up her jacket's battery, pulls out her jacket's wind-up battery charger from her drawer and connects it to her jacket then proceeds to rotate the battery charger until the jackets battery light glows green.
  She then slides on her raincoat and stands in front of the mirror. Ninja slowly raises her arms out from her sides, which in effect turns the red LED lights in her jacket sleeves from dim amber when her arms our at her sides to a full red glow when her arms are parallel with the floor. At the same time she raises her arms activating the LED's she also hears the scales of a guitar.
  Having watched Ninja the whole time Ninja's mom opens up the front door, "Ready?" Ninja smiling to herself in the mirror and then to her mom say's "Yep, let's go" and skips out the front door and into the light grey morning.

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